Sailboat, Kayak & Pontoon Rental

Please contact 734.426.4155 regarding rental information.

We maintain several boats that are available for rental or lesson programs. The following are usually available:

Type of Boat Propulsion Capacity Hourly Daily Weekly
Kayak – Single Paddle 1 $14 $56 $224
Kayak – Double Paddle 2 $16 $64 $256
Kayak – Single
Mirage Drive
Paddle/Pedal 1 $18 $72 $288
Kayak – Pro-Angler 12 Paddle/Pedal 1 $20 $80 $320
Kayak – Adventure Island
/w Sail
Paddle/Pedal 1 $22 $88 $352
12′ Pico Sail 2 $16 $64 $256
13′ Hobie Wave Cat Sail 3 $24 $96 $384
18′ Interlake Sail 4 $26 $104 $416
19′ Flying Scot Sail 6 $28 $112 $448
22′ Pontoon w/25HP Engine 10 $45 $200 $800
20′ Pontoon w/40HP Engine 9 $60 $250 $1000

Reservation and Use Policy

A deposit is not required for Portage Yacht Club members to reserve a boat and there is no charge for a cancellation due to bad weather, or one given with 24 hours notice for those who reserve. “No Shows” will be billed for an hour rental rate of the type of boat they had reserved. PYC furnishes a Personal Flotation Device for each boat occupant.

It is advisable to call ahead to check on the weather at the lake as conditions may vary greatly from one locale to another (for better or worse!).

Boat rentals do not include instruction in the use of the craft; it is assumed by PYC that any individual requesting rental privileges of a boat is familiar with its rigging and operation.

Rentals are to be returned to their mooring in the same condition as they were received, a fee of $15 will be assessed for boats improperly put away. Damage to boats will also be billed to renters at the customary Midwest Sailing repair rates. Rentals begin at the earliest at 10:00 am and must be returned to their mooring no later than 7:00 pm unless there is a written different agreed upon time.